Bartz x150 - 23, OCT 2021


Jul 28, 2016
Dear players! Introducing the description of our new server and some features with the best experience

The project are long lasting. I am the responsible and developer of the source project since 2014, making the quick correction of possible bugs. Everyone are welcome!


    • Exp / SP (EXP) x150.
    • Drop (Adena): x40.
    • Max Enchant Weapon: +16, Armor +10 / Safe+4
    • Enchants Rates: Normal : 1-12 60% then decreasing 7% in each enchant, Blessed: 1-11 50% then decreasing 5% in each enchant, Static : 50% fixed rate, not return enchant.
    • SealStones x6
    • Spoil x1


  • Max 3 box number of running client
  • AAC bot protection
  • BOT/SCAM Report System on our ucp
  • Offline Trade: just sit on trade and close client. Maximum time for off-trade: unlimited
  • The catacombs are open 24 / 7
  • Bishop level 40 automatically gains nobless skill
  • Advanced Cancel: restore all lost buffs after 10 seconds
  • Party rules inside chaotic pvp chaotic zones: 3card OR 2wl OR 2ol OR 1wl + 1ol OR 2wl + 1ol
  • Teleport and buffs are Free
  • Blesseds enchants farm on custom areas
  • ClanhallManager system with Bids through GBs inside our .menu
  • Auto loot 5s loot protection for party who deals the most damage except KTB boss.
  • Comfortable GK with all Towns, necropolis/catacombs, main places for lvlup, all raids
  • Comfortable SHOP NPC with grade D/C/B/A exchanges systen, recipes, materials and much more
  • Droplist Info shift+click info below

  • Personal dashboard: .menu with all functions like optimize FPS, bosses respawn time, real time event timers, enable/disable skins, effects and hero aura, clanhall manager, enchant ranking and many other cool features.

Clan limit and important info

  • Max Clan Members 80. Alliance disabled
  • Chaotic zones and bosses max 27 players of same clan inside area limit
  • Clan lvl8 + skills are free on server shop
  • All clan skills for all clan members
  • All clan penalties are disabled
  • Command channel can only made by members of the same clan

About important skills changes
  • Purification field and Miracle dont need spellforces
  • Purification Field were improved with more effect range
  • Hero skills for all subclasses
  • improved set tallum heavy
  • Daggers, bishop, tankers and dwarf were improved

VIP System:
Adena x2
Drop x2: Cokes/Nvidia/Life Stones/Enchant Coin/Event Coin/Tournament Coin
Enchant Chance +5%
Access to exclusive SkinManager system inside .menu
Access to exclusive color manager inside .menu
Allow VIP global chat command: > + msg

Custom key items drop Info:
The following items are used to make the most varied items on the server such as set , weapon S, tattos, enchant and others

Event Coin :

You can get them by playing the TvT events that take place every 45min on the server

Tournament Coin:

Get by winning the event tournament battles

Raid Coin:

get by killing 70+ custom raids, server's custom raids and epic bosses.

Nvidia Parts/Cokes :

get killing mobs from ketra zone and imperial zone

Stones/Power Stones:

They drop from the party zone, used to make static and crystal enchants

Enchant Coin:

get killing raids 70+ and custom raids

Nobless Coin:

this item will give you nobless status, get it by killing the custom barakiel

Titanium Parts:

key item that will be part of the farm process to get the Titanium set.


TvT each 1h.
Instanced 1x1/3x3/5x5 Tournament. 1x1 mode with good prizes for 1st, 2nd 3rd places each event time. Event timers: 10:00,13:00,15:00,17:00,00:00 (GMT-3)
Reworked Kill The boss. Event timers: 02:00,04:00,06:00,08:00,09:30,11:30,14:00,18:00,20:00,22:00 (GMT-3)
Reworked chaotic PvPEvent with some cool functions times : 00:30,01:30,02:30,03:30,04:30,05:30,06:30,07:30,08:30,11:00,13:30,14:30,15:30,17:30,18:30,20:30,21:30,22:30 (GMT-3)
PartyZone. Event timers: 12:00, 19:00, 23:00 (GMT-3)
Weekly Clan Points Rewards system (.menu)

Special Zone with Titanium set key items drop, has an exclusive map as below

Buff Informations
  • Comfortable NPC buffer with profiles, prophet buffs, songs, dances of 2nd and 3rd proff.
  • Buff time: 3 hours
  • Free Special book buff with access to buffer

Epic Bosses Info

  • Clan points : 50
  • All Grandbosses +TOI13/14 and near all crystal are chaotic zone
  • All information about respawn time Raid and Epic Bosses directly in the game
  • Frintezza/Sailren/Zaken and all GrandBosses AI fully working
  • Drop rule : party or player who gave the greatest damage, 6s drop protection
  • All jewel drop with +6 enchant
  • All epics are dead on server start.

Ant Queen - Respawn = Every day 20:15
Core - Respawn = 12 hour
Orfen - Respawn = 12 hour
Zaken - Respawn = Monday 19:55, Wednesday 19:55, Friday 19:55 ( info: door open 00:00 gametime and closes after 20 real life minutes)
Frintezza - Respawn = Tuesday 21:00 , Thursday 21:00 , Saturday 21:00 ( info: RND +10-20min)
Baium - Respawn = Tuesday 22:00 , friday 21:00, Sunday,21:30 ( info: RND +10-20min)
Antharas - Respawn = Monday 22:00, Wednesday 22:00, friday 22:00
Valakas - Respawn = Thursday 22:00, Saturday 22:00

Special Raid Bosses info and Drops

Clan points : 16
Respawn time : 3-4h
All near zone are chaotic(pvp)

  • Lord Ishka
  • Varka's Hero Shadith
  • Shilen's Messenger Cabrio
  • Gordon
Drops :
Event coin
Enchant Coin
Top Grade Stones
Book Of Giants
5x Ready Weapon S without/SA
Soul Crystal: Stage level 13
Donate Coin

Normal 70+ Raids Bosses info and Drops

Clan points : 8
Respawn time : 6-12H
When Hit boss will turn you flag(pvp mode)

  • Korin
  • Ocean Flame Ashakiel
  • Storm Winged Naga
  • Flamestone Giant
  • Guardian of the Statue
  • Antharas Priest Cloe
  • Fafurion Herald
  • Death Lord Hallate
  • Vanor Chief Kandra
  • Palatanos
  • Bloody Decarbia
  • Meanas Anor
  • Immortal Savior
  • Beast Lord Behemoth

Drops :
Event coin
Enchant Coin
Top Grade Stones
Soul Crystal: Stage level 13
Ready Weapon S without/SA

Getting a nobless:
  • By oficial Quest with rates X3 ( hellfire oil and lunarge on server shop)
  • By custom drop barakiel raid

  • Battle Time : 18 - 22:50 (GMT -3) Saturday to Thursday
  • Class Based are disabled
  • Min 9 Matches + 10 points to be hero, in case of a points tie the hero will be the player with the greatest number of fights
  • Period : 1 Week, hero on friday
  • Ranks updated every 15min on our site
  • +6 max enchant
  • Tattos, cloaks, and other custom acessory are not allowed
  • First Start : 25/10

  • Giran Castle, every sunday, 19:00(GMT-3)
  • Residencial bonus skill for members

Quests Improvements
You also have the possibility to make items through the quests with improved drop rates 2x / 2x Chance

  • LegacyOfInsolence Drops
  • YokeOfThePast
  • Alliance with Ketra Orcs
  • Alliance with Varka Silenos
  • War with Ketra Orcs
  • War with Varka Silenos
  • GatherTheFlames
  • RelicsOfTheOldEmpire
  • TheFinestFood
  • TheZeroHour
  • HuntOfTheGoldenRamMercenaryForce
  • APowerfulPrimevalCreature
  • RiseAndFallOfTheElrokitribe
  • ExplorationOfTheGiantsCave Part1/Part2
  • SupplierOfReagents
  • Whisper of Dreams Pt. 1
  • GuardiansOfTheHolyGrail
  • In Search of Fragments of the Dimension

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